Thursday, May 11, 2006

poetry in potion

talking about the harlem renaissance + dipset with a 12 year old, yes.

mixxxtapes and methodically not going out, momentary aversion to singledom.

dance this mess around.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

lazer reign

check it out, my blog has a cut and paste from salon, who cut and pasted from smoking gun.
long live the technologic revolution in which everything created will be spammed.

The tenant formerly known as: The Smoking Gun is reporting that the artist once again known as Prince is being sued by his landlord in Los Angeles for apparently violating his $70,000 a month lease by "painting the exterior of the [house] with purple striping, 'prince' symbol, and numbers 3121." Prince, who has a new album, "3121," out on Tuesday, has been renting the mansion in West Hollywood from NBA star Carlos Boozer, a Utah Jazz forward, since October, and is planning to host a private concert there for lucky buyers of the new album who find a purple ticket in their CD case, à la Willy Wonka. (The Smoking Gun)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

day 9

Did I post day 7 yesterday? I most have been delirious as it was clearly the first day of the new week. So day 9- Mostly I feel absolutely normal within the confines of the fast. My body hasn't smelled of waste, I haven't gotten any rashes, no sickness. Maybe my body is just that comfortable with its toxins; it doesn't need to violently purge them, they just leave. Either way, I feel confident now, that the fast was worth while as I look to break it tomorrow evening with a small dinner of steamed veggies.

The funny thing, of course, is that I don't plan to radically change my diet when I go back. I mean, I'll be more mindful of how much I'm eating and I'm going to try to eat a lot more good produce (particularly now that sno + I have good cheap places to get it), but I can't see ending the deliciousness... maybe it will be an annual cleanse?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

respect and authority

Just within the last month or so, I think I've started to develop the classroom management style I need to use.
It's so strange though, acting as an authority figure in that its a role that feels absurd at times, but its the role I've taken on.

Just did an unpleasant "Respect" lesson with one sixth grade class at the teacher's request. It's interesting, cause his students are pretty good, I think. Tried to steer the discussion towards "How are we respected/disrespected" for the students, but (as one would imagine) they mostly started out parroting the phrases that adults use respect in.

"It's like obeying."

I guess I try and model it. The repetition they get is so destructive; one can obey somebody they don't respect. Ome of my favorite sassy girls in the class wrote on her worksheet "Respect is nothing" cause, she went on, she doesn't get it at school as much as at home. I wish I could have positioned the lesson more at the teacher I suppose.


just three days left. I feel pretty good. My eyes are clearer than they've been in years as is my complexion. I've lost about ten pounds... Surely I'll gain it back with food after friday, but it was the winterweight anyways so whatever's clever. Still no cigarettes.

The main thing is the boredom of this drink. I love food and while staying clear of it for ten days has given me some good thought about food systems in chicago and which I would like to continue operating within, I want to eat. Particularly all of the least healthy foods are calling to me now, but I think its cause all the funk they're made out of is being pushed out of my body already.

Friday, March 03, 2006

day 3 of that cleanse

Dull feeling in head, but not really hungry. Yesterday felt pretty comfortable around food and this morning snokilla left her cigarettes out so I felt pangs, but no no-caught the bus in cold blood instead. Still not snappy at the kids and today is relatively chill so far so good.

I wish I came up with a snappier name for this spicey lemonade- maybe lemonMC (4 the mastercleanse?) Either way its lost a bit of its charm...particularly now that I find if I don't brush my teeth frequently enough it will rot them out of my skull.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day two-morning

Started falling asleep around 9-930 during jitney practice last night. I usually push so many stimulants through my body that it surprises me, but not too much. Woke up okay today, but spent a little longer than expected squishing lemons for my lunch. Hey, Jared Leto has been on the lemon cleanse since feb 23rd! I always knew I had an unbreakable bond with jordan catalano.

I feel in okay spirits today... still funky though. My head's a little woozy or cloudy or something, but thats probably just withdrawal. On the bus I couldnt stop thinking about cigarettes so I read "In cold Blood".

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cleaning out my boooody

So today was the day. Ash wednesday. As a cultural catholic its fun giving things up and a good excuse for fixing yrself so---

I stopped smoking, watching tv and eating.
well, ten day fast with a mix of lemon juice, cayenne and 100% maple syrup. That said, no more smoking + no coffee for 10 day... TV's gonna be hard to cut at home, but movies are allowed.

Wish me luck and if you want to follow the trend you should recommend colonics to me.