Monday, October 31, 2005

Onward to the future

At long last, the mayor pretends to be on top of technology with the newest singles club. Blog accounts allow us to pretend our thoughts are accessible.

Yesterday I woke up to the sounds of the landlady wandering through my house with the guy who built our new porch.
"This man needs to finish the roof on the porch + I need to talk to ALL of you." We angrily yelled back gibberish and realized this roof guy wasnt even gonna fix the holes in the actual roof. I let the dog run around the house to scare away the burglers and went back to sleep.

Hours later I came to and Snokilla and I made a big breakfast which included such delicious items as eggs, bacon, sausage and english muffins ('dear Lord of Link thank you for this savory meal').

"Where did this blood on the table come from? Does the new roomate cut himself?"

"Did you hear about that junior high book "CUT". Its about cutters and its huge with the 8th graders at Lowell...."
"I knew this girl with scars all over her bicepts."

but no- It was from the tail of banjo cornbread. The roofer amputated the tip of his tail in a door I guess. We found it in the upstairs bathroom. Banjo seems to be okay... He's a tough cat from the streets (19th to be exact), but its still gross and messed up. Snokilla screamed at landlady while holding the fur in her hands.

I wish to make a necklace with the tail as a charm.