Thursday, November 03, 2005

"children are inherently criminal"

I think that quote is from George Bernard Shaw. I believe it to a degree, but not as much as the bag checkers.

Random searches today in the auditoriom for all the kids coming to school in the morning. Really, they needed to search the kindergarteners?

"They took everything out of my backpack. Did you get searched it happened in the auditoriom."

"I can search my own backpack!" Damn right kid.

Then teacher and I played volleyball for the class to watch. I don't think anything ever will compare to having 30 5year olds chant for me to humiliate the teacher and throw themselves on the ground trying to catch missed spikes.

PS. "Do you like snoop dogg? I like Lil bowWow! and I like snoop dogg. dee oh double G!"

Good thing we're teaching these kids to feel like they should be hiding something, eh?


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