Wednesday, November 30, 2005

moment to myself-

cause after searching the school and asking several folks I find that my math student is absent. I had just finished making him some worksheets too!

I told miss teacher that I love being in her class cause she never takes the five year old's cuteness for granted. A dozen girls with jinglebells on their wrists backup dancing in front of the class while the one without two front teeth lipsynchs into a marker. Generic soulholiday music. magic.

Hung out with scurrrica last night. She has a very comparable job, except its a montossori school, the kids are rich and white and she's paid regular money rather than 'stipend' and foodstamps. Good thoughts about sandpaper letters and recognizing that the breakdown at my school seems to come right around 2nd grade. Scene gossip and sick friends and the refreshing race relations that exist in the atl. I suppose if this blog continues not being so much about the collapse of the public school system and the roles that class, race and gender-based oppression play in it, the two of us could just turn it into a waycute calendar of five year olds painting each other's faces and having speech impediments.

A boy I met two weeks ago died a couple of days ago. Friends of friends + roomates... a really cool guy visiting/back in town, another native southsider- drag, concern and love for those close to him. Another reminder of the lack of faith in my life.

Im so broke right now it went back around from being not funny to being ridiculous. I sang 'stay' by lisa loeb at karoake and maybe there was a single tear rolling down everybody's cheek.


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