Tuesday, November 29, 2005

new to me

last friday:
"This boy has a lot of problems, etc etc. He now only goes to 1 and a half class periods a day. The rest of the time, he receives individual assistance or does community service. Is anyone available?"

That is the question (give or take) that I responded yes to on friday. Today, without any preparation I was "Tutoring" math. I put tutoring in quotes because I am the only one working on math with him. Eleven years old, knows some timetables, but very few... addition/subtraction is okay (uses fingers alot) but has no idea of division or fractions. Mostly, S told me that the way he writes his name is raw and that he calls the security woman Mike Jones cause her name is Miss Jones. He slid down the bannister and I chose my battles. Math is a big enough one. Now, I just need to find a curriculum.

oh, and in separation of church and state news, I don't think its very bad that miss kindergarten has the kids singing and acting out 'little drummer boy" as long as I get to play the drummer while she pretends to be mary and a violent little, peanut-sized girl gets to be jesus AKA the king. I mean, I wouldnt play the song for 5 year olds, but they seem young enough for it not to be relevant... or I've gone soft in my own cryptomarxist, lapsed catholic kinda way. Not liberal though, thats all I know.


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