Wednesday, November 23, 2005

picture day!

yes, adorable. Removing diamond studs from a five year old boy's relatively recently pierced ears. R wearing the kiddie version of that denim roca dress that snokilla almost bought from valuecity (yup, it probably was a mistake not to get it), the only difference aside from the size being the embroidery "school of roc" in pink. Girl with amazing curls having her hair down all giggly. oh oh and "mr. f- check out my new boots" lifting cuffs to show off tims.

sure all cute, but the best was giving each kid a comb cause you can't just give combs to the five or seven kids whose hair the combs are made for. So then all of them first say 'ow!' then collectively comb the hair of the few.

Can't wait to get a cafeteria lunch on IOU today: fried chicken, greens, cornbread and sweet potato...

Just three six grade peacegames and Im off for a nearly unimaginable four day weekend!

oh and pps. my favorite mix of the moment goes like this
-candy girl by new edition
-bring in the instrumental of step in the name of love
-drop in the acapella of "conversation" by mannie fresh after new edition's managers stop by
-then the dirt off your shoulder instrumental

ohoh and dont forget the outhud-deadprez-neworder-afrikabambaata+johnnyrotten as timezone- noise acid house mix with scorpio thrown in for good measure.

who wants a mixxxtape?


Blogger Dow Jones said...

I'd love a mixtape, but I'm so busy getting together Frankincense, Gold Fronts and Myrrhder that I don't really have any time to listen to cassettes. Can I get an mp3?

2:26 PM  
Blogger AlmightyScrabblor said...

of course not

3:06 PM  

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