Thursday, December 08, 2005

a running joke

me- tryna read 'miss bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten'. Pointing out letters and the words 'you', "I", "Is", "a" and "the".
X- This boy thinks I'm his father. Frequently jealous when I work with other kids. Difficult, full of beans and sweet. Has been written of before.
E- Didn't go to preschool, but recently has ben catching up with the class at a crazy pace. Insanely focused and cool for a five year old.

me: and Miss Bindergarten was... almost... ready.. for kindergarten!

X: I BANG in my white tee SLANG in my white tee, blahblahblah BANG BANG in my white tee

E: ohhhhh, he said 'slang'

me: (unsure of how to proceed) yes he did

E: do you know what that means?

X: (interrupting my head nod)... it means like, KILLING people!!!


E: it's like 'I sell drugs' 'I slang'

me: (chuckling) you're in kindergarten. Why do you know about slanging?

E: Cause its like, if you go on the corner and do that all day, you get locked up.

me: Thats right! You do get locked up if you do that.

Jesus Christ, when will 'in my white tee' not be relevant. I think Walter Jacobson just finished his in depth collabo with geraldo about how wearing white tees is a sure sign of gang affiliation as well as slanging. They took the cover photo at madison + western in front of that sign that says
'Street fashion! White t-shirts $2.00 and up!'


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