Wednesday, December 21, 2005

thats what xmas means to me, baby

school is crazy. Reading "The christmas tree ship" to peace games classes or doign a "Giving book" which we ripped off from a kwanzaa excercise. Staying in, staying sober and it feels productive, lonely and good.

snokilla and I talked about making the holiday special for us and I think it is becoming so, especially since shes in the atl meeting members of outkast (seriously, go to in the meantime, I feel pretty good about the gifts Im giving this year.

Big Xmas pageant is tomorrow. Every class has an act of some sort. Kindygarteners are doing that crazy lipsynching jinglebelling song complete with air harmonica, one fifth grade class has apparently spent months working on a mexican dance routine.

oh, and our food drive is being resuscitated by the student leaders right now, so I better get off the computer.


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