Tuesday, December 06, 2005

things I've noticed

Given the opportunity- 3 in 28 third graders will use the term 'popo' when writing about talking to a police officer.

An illiterate 9 year old still writes when everyone else does, they just write 'rolorlorlridkerlrorlo...'

5 year old x really loves dem franchise boys cause he's still singing 'in my white t'. Maybe I should teach him 'ooh I think they like me' as it may be more appropriate, but I guess I should focus on him learning his letter sounds first... he's clearly ahead of the rap game curve.

kids show their emotions in crazy theatrical ways; throwing furniture, talking to you with their back turned, throwing themselves on the floor, jumping up and down.

Not news to many, but those of us who have gone a few years without regular interaction with children can always be thrown off I suppose.


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