Thursday, December 08, 2005


Putting a picture up in the office- a clenched fist holding an olive branch "power to the peaceful".

Getting shittalked by a sixth grader for no apparent reason. Its hard to not be like "oh yeah, I need a haircut and my teeth are yellow and Im flying 40 flags?!?! Well, youre a crosseyed twelve yearold who has a legally enforcable curfew and puberty to deal with. Shit, you don't even get PAID for being here." but then I suppose that wouldn't teach the kids 'professionalism'. It wasn't anything she said to her friend (so I could hear, but not respond) that got to me. It's just the first time in a minute that someones gotten so so sassy with me for no reason. Its really offputting to say the least.

Typing in present tense.

Having some new pseudonyms- now you can not only call me mayor scrabblor mcchee$e or keeler karlov (my LEAST favorite) but also digital godzilla, steve slicksly and ifthe paulfitz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

daaaamnnn paulfitz...sounds like you mighta got a 6th grader! BWWAHHHH! i scratch back at my kids all the time. most of the time, the rest of the class breaks into "BWAAHAHAHA...TREATED!!!" to the student I just sassed. Public school is still public school, as I'm slowly learning, nomatter if I'm in the middle of cornfields.

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