Monday, January 30, 2006

dancing and violence

party was fun on friday night. Lots of people and fun. At around 11pm I was informed that someone had gotten stabbed in front of the liquor store (the employees were less than concerned). At 3am the party showed no signs of slowing and then the cops came in. The cops didn't have to say anything to anyone people knew to quickly leave.... Far from sober, I sauntered up "Is there a problem?"


I was pretty surprised, given how nicely everyone was leaving, then I found out that celeste called the police because of the way our downstairs neighbors split... boy was angry and vicious... then landlady tells me that her daughter (the girl in the couple) has a broken arm downstairs.
No one saw what happened, apparently she was shoved and slipped... that sounds a little too nice to me so I just used the words 'domestic violence' when people asked me what went down.

So, I was upstairs and obviously missed this, but apparently there was a buncha cops outside and the folks leaving and poppoppoppoppoppop... somewhere between 4-12 shots went off down the block. Cops left quickly, but everyone waiting on the bus was apparently asked if they saw or heard anything a buncha times.

Rough day on a safe block, shit?

Quote of the night: "so.. what?... you all college kids or something?" after the cops stopped acting crazy belligerent....

"No, Im the only one here in college, everyone else works with children." thanks snokilla.

oh and ... cmon archconservatives, you cant call someone in palestine before you push an election and ask them if they think that hammas will win in a landslide?
Sometimes I wonder if Im naive when I think our foreign policy is just astoundingly stupid rather than calculated and evil.

Tomorrow is first day of peace games club.

Friday, January 20, 2006

feeling up

Last night, snokilla, myself, jessica and her friend went to coco on paseo boricua. Martinis and learning to dance to latin music...not only on the floor but also on the street with the cuban man who never walked inside, but rather kept the beat outside, occasionally banging on the window for his favorites. I already want an americorps/teachers from the school after hours field trip. Maybe even on a saturday night when they have a live salsa band.

This morning was my last day with the kindygarteners (some of whom should probably be cast as the next generation of peanuts). Sad to leave such cuteness, but exciting to exclusively work with 4th and 6th graders (peace games, tutoring and mentoring that we call 'buddies'). Today, though, was a bit of a scary day... the assistant principal was scheduled to come by to observe the new method of 'learning centers' (educational games the kids rotate through, grouped by level of understanding... the furthest back work solely with the teacher for two straight rounds). Teacher and I were surprised when not only did ms. m walk in the room, but was joined by the other two head administators. The kids were wild, but mostly stayed on task. As they walked out of the room, ms. m tapped me and told me to find her in her office.

Somethings never change, getting called to the principal's office is scary. When I walked in though, she told me that she wanted to know what the deal was, cause I better be figuring out how to become a teacher. Flattered, I essentially put it out there that I'd be interested in a job next year as a teacher's assistant and was also considering my southside catholic grade school as they don't have a certification requirement to start. She doesn't know that they'll have an open position here, but suggested checking online for schools emphasizing the importance of me being a boy who is good/into working with primary grades.

This is the first job I've cared about in as long as I can remember. I feel good.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

new years late

haven't written in here for a while do to mixed feelings about 'blogging' and particularly on the idea of blogging someones dirt even if its anonymous...

new years resolutions include: cutting down on drinking and in particular a near moratorium on 40s, quitting smoking in april, giving up TV for lent. Oh, you think thats funny, a resolution for lent- made by someone who's catholic in ethnicity and superstition? I dont care, 40days sans TV would be good for me, specially since my idea of relaxation is too frequently watching tv while thinking about something else with a glazed over look in my eyes.

Nate and I predict that someone will smash a laptop on stage this year as though it were a guitar. I agree with his opinion that no one will care.

(NON nerdy musician warning) I got an effects processor yesterday which is pretty amazing. It reminds me of DOD's supradistortion pedal.... dirt cheap and probably not that practical for jagoff musicians trying to perfect that natural reverb sound or tube distortion, but ideal for making things crazy with reverse delay looping over itself while distorting in real time. oh and the pitch shift is gross, making michael jackson sound kanyified without affecting the speed.. wooo

MLK day was really good, a soundsystem was used for good rather that evil, kids painted some murals by all working on single mosaic pieces individually then putting it together. Me accidntally ipoddjing and getting bitched at by young girls:
"do you have any ciara?"
"do you even know who ciara is?!?!" (neck snap)
"yeah, she's the one with the goodies that stay in the jar"
oh oh oh oh ohohoh

peace games is being massively reworked and starting in 2weeks Im solely working with 4th and 6th grade.