Tuesday, January 17, 2006

new years late

haven't written in here for a while do to mixed feelings about 'blogging' and particularly on the idea of blogging someones dirt even if its anonymous...

new years resolutions include: cutting down on drinking and in particular a near moratorium on 40s, quitting smoking in april, giving up TV for lent. Oh, you think thats funny, a resolution for lent- made by someone who's catholic in ethnicity and superstition? I dont care, 40days sans TV would be good for me, specially since my idea of relaxation is too frequently watching tv while thinking about something else with a glazed over look in my eyes.

Nate and I predict that someone will smash a laptop on stage this year as though it were a guitar. I agree with his opinion that no one will care.

(NON nerdy musician warning) I got an effects processor yesterday which is pretty amazing. It reminds me of DOD's supradistortion pedal.... dirt cheap and probably not that practical for jagoff musicians trying to perfect that natural reverb sound or tube distortion, but ideal for making things crazy with reverse delay looping over itself while distorting in real time. oh and the pitch shift is gross, making michael jackson sound kanyified without affecting the speed.. wooo

MLK day was really good, a soundsystem was used for good rather that evil, kids painted some murals by all working on single mosaic pieces individually then putting it together. Me accidntally ipoddjing and getting bitched at by young girls:
"do you have any ciara?"
"do you even know who ciara is?!?!" (neck snap)
"yeah, she's the one with the goodies that stay in the jar"
oh oh oh oh ohohoh

peace games is being massively reworked and starting in 2weeks Im solely working with 4th and 6th grade.


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