Wednesday, February 22, 2006

class participation

Sixth Graders are funny:

"Hey, what does skeet mean?" This kid has been calling me wolverine constantly and now, while working on a peacemaker poster with his group he's asking me what?

"What's that?"

"yknow like skeet skeet skeet?"

"You just want to hear me say it, no way." This is as unshakealbe as my authority gets..

"Why won't you tell us?" Now he and the girl he sits across from our giggling

"Cause its dirty. This is peace games class, not being nasty games class."

The girl chimes in, "We don't know what it means!"

"Go home and ask your mother." They didn't call me on it, out loud. I think, though, that all three of us accepted the fact that this was the best answer I could've given. The told me that they'll ask and tell her that I said they should ask and leave off the whole beginning of the conversation.... "Hey ma, mr. wolverine at school says you should tell me about skeet."

4th graders are funny

"ISAT ISAT you're just too easy.
something something... we stay breezy (pops collar)"

It wasn't the rhyme that did it or the fact that C lied and said he didn't freestyle it. It was the insane bboy charisma a ten year old can have... he broke it up so the whole class could do it with him
"Say you're just too easy..."
"Now put em together"

I second guess myself too much on the important stuff and too little on inane conversation. Lately I'm too happy to say total gobblygook, but not ready to seem stupid and theatrical in front of the class.... Too scared to proclaim from rooftops that I've built the most powerful soundsystem in the history of time cause I procrastinate on the piddly finishing moves.

Braggadiccio (SP???) needs to be relearned sometimes.


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