Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Have you gone to the 3341 competitive potluck? Do you know who I am? Do you like food?
For the second week in a row we've had several more than 20 mostly nonamericorpsers come for food (mix of veggie, carnivore and vegan cuisine, usually) and competition.

I almost backed down on the competitive end, but it seemed so ridiculous and counterintuitive. Potlucks are inherently hippie/commie community things. It worked as planned. Winner gets to hold the sash for a week and bragging rights. Of course though, everybody wins when some effort and 4-9 dollars (link dollars anyways) provides a fine 9-14 course meal.

Accidental themes emerge- last week happened to be vegetarian, this week was heavy in eastern foods (indian, chinese, ethiopian), sometimes spice, grease and quantity win. Homemade chocolate cakes and creme brulee; why haven't you come yet?

It is the best weekly event I've ever dreamed of living at.


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