Wednesday, February 01, 2006

dont pull the thang unless you plan to bang

Hadnt heard bombs over baghdad in a while... forgot how good that song is.

Weird that Ari slangs peace door to door and I teach it in a neighborhood her boss wouldnt try and sell it. right? People most in need of peace dont join advocacy groups cause its too frustrating, immediate or just another thing on a laundry list.

Peace Games Club went pretty well.... not too many kids, but there was absurd confusion and lack of communication on when it started. Those who showed up, though, went from 3rd-6th grade and seemed to have a good time even though the lesson and introduction was pretty dang dry. By the end the sixth graders were bringing up their opposition to the war, explaining to younger kids that even though the assistant prinipal seems mean, she does a lot of things that the students don't see and she does care.... and asking about the process through one can close a bar and why it can be an important thing for the community. I can't wait till we actually have them separate so there'll be enough time for these chats.

I need to stop using ellipses as a crutch.

ps. Yeah, I watched the state of the union and wasnt surprised by much. It was nice to see the democrats actually heckle for all of one minute before falling back in line. In a fantasy world where there actually is a more dynamic power struggle that speech would have been cut short and then I would actually be impressed. ohwell. just remember that the war on terror is for "generation after generation" to fight and apparently the only blame falls on those mysterious and unstoppably united terrorists we are being protected from. "one for the ages" as the anchorman explained.


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