Wednesday, March 08, 2006


just three days left. I feel pretty good. My eyes are clearer than they've been in years as is my complexion. I've lost about ten pounds... Surely I'll gain it back with food after friday, but it was the winterweight anyways so whatever's clever. Still no cigarettes.

The main thing is the boredom of this drink. I love food and while staying clear of it for ten days has given me some good thought about food systems in chicago and which I would like to continue operating within, I want to eat. Particularly all of the least healthy foods are calling to me now, but I think its cause all the funk they're made out of is being pushed out of my body already.


Blogger The Tricyclist said...

oh my fucking god. you are amazing. seven days is a long, long time, especially when you're working full time all the while. go paul go!!!

10:47 AM  

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