Wednesday, March 08, 2006

respect and authority

Just within the last month or so, I think I've started to develop the classroom management style I need to use.
It's so strange though, acting as an authority figure in that its a role that feels absurd at times, but its the role I've taken on.

Just did an unpleasant "Respect" lesson with one sixth grade class at the teacher's request. It's interesting, cause his students are pretty good, I think. Tried to steer the discussion towards "How are we respected/disrespected" for the students, but (as one would imagine) they mostly started out parroting the phrases that adults use respect in.

"It's like obeying."

I guess I try and model it. The repetition they get is so destructive; one can obey somebody they don't respect. Ome of my favorite sassy girls in the class wrote on her worksheet "Respect is nothing" cause, she went on, she doesn't get it at school as much as at home. I wish I could have positioned the lesson more at the teacher I suppose.


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